The Transportation Task Force 2045 (T2045) has been convened by the Honorable Mayor Edwin M. Lee and Board of Supervisors President London Breed. The Task Force will be co-chaired by Andres Power, Senior Advisor to Mayor Lee, and Sunny Angulo, Legislative Aide to San Francisco County Transportation Authority Chair and City Supervisor Aaron Peskin. Task Force members represent the community at large, including individuals representing neighborhoods; small and large businesses; transportation, housing and environmental justice advocacy groups; labor and civic organizations; and city and regional transportation agencies.
To ensure a safe, reliable, and affordable transportation system, the Task Force will meet over the coming months to discuss options for how the City can generate revenue, prioritize expenditures over the long-term, and balance regional and neighborhood-level needs.


  • Identify transportation funding needs and gaps in resources
  • Identify potential revenue options to close the gaps

T2045 will build off the City's previous transportation planning efforts (including the Transportation Task Force 2030 process, The San Francisco Transportation Plan, Plan Bay Area, and Propositions J and K previously on the November 2016 ballot) and incorporate the progress we've made in the intervening years as well as the new challenges we face as a city.




To receive updates and meeting information about SF Transportation 2045, for questions about the process, or to provide input, please contact: sftransportation2045@sfgov.org

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