Revenue Sources

Below are links to brief fact sheets on the local revenue sources being discussed as part of the San Francisco Transportation 2045 Task Force process.

Vehicle-related revenue sources

A. Gas Tax, San Francisco

B. Parking Fees, City Facilities

C. Parking Tax

D. Vehicle License Fee (VLF), San Francisco, SB 1492

E. Vehicle Registration Fee (VRF), Bicycle Infrastructure, SB 1183

Property-related revenue sources

F. Parcel Tax

G. Real Property Transfer Tax (RPTT)

H. Transportation Sustainability Fee (TSF) Increase

Paid by individuals and businesses

I. Carbon Tax

J-M. Business Taxes, including:

J. Gross Receipts Tax: general increase

K. Gross Receipts Tax: commercial property rent

L. Gross Receipts Tax: independent contractor economy (gig economy)

M. Payroll Tax

N. Sales Tax

Entertainment / Leisure-related revenue sources

O. Large Event Ticket Surcharge

P. Sports Francise Tax

Q. Transient Occupancy Tax (Hotel Tax)

Post-2018 revenue sources

R. Assessment Districts

S. Congestion Pricing

T. General Obligation Bond (GO Bond)

U. High-polluting Vehicle Tax

V. Income Tax - Corporate

W. Income Tax - Personal

X. Property Tax - Commercial

Y. Residential Parking Permit Fees

Z. Robot Tax

AA. Transportation Network Companies (TNC) Fee

BB. Vehicle License Fee (VLF) on 2nd Vehicles

CC. Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) Fee